We Can Stop

Forced Vaccination, Quarantine Camps, Illegal Mask Mandates and Medical Tyranny

Sacramento Wants Our Medical Freedom

The politicians in Sacramento want to take away our freedom to  choose. They want to tell us what to do with our body. They want to force more and more medical treatments on us, whether we like it or not.

They will go to any length to do this.

They will penalize you, fine you, and take away your job, until you can’t afford to support your self and you are homeless on the street.

Thousands of nurses, doctors, and first responders have already lost their jobs. Many other people are scheduled to be fired if don’t cave in and submit.

They have already removed the personal exemptions and religious exemptions from the children. They have made it next to impossible to get a medical exemption. 

We are not a herd of cattle that they own. We know what is right for us and our children.

We have the right to say no!

We should have the right to keep our jobs and support our selves, even if we say no! Our children should have the right to go to school and say no to any medical treatment! We should be the only ones to decide on our health treatments. Not the government, not a corporation and certainly not the drug company who will profit from the treatment.

We will never get anywhere by calling or writing to our “friendly” politician. They are getting paid too much from drug companies to listen to us.We must take our power back and change the law ourselves and bypass the politicians all together. 

With the California Medical Freedom Initiative we can do that. We can add medical freedom to the ballot on November 8, 2022 and we can vote on medical freedom ourselves. We can add medical freedom into the California Constitution and have medical freedom permanently written into California Law.


All You Have to do is

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