Key Features

• Stop coercion and deceit in your medical decisions
• Get full informed consent on all medical procedures
• Require all ingredients listed on pharmaceutical products
• Right to refuse any tattoo, mark, symbol, mutilation, implant, or procedure
• Right to refuse masks or any device that restricts your senses and breathing
• Restore vaccine exemptions for children under 18 and college students
• Give parents of newborns the same rights at the birth of their baby
• Prevent discrimination, sanctions, or confinement for refusing medical procedures
• Prevent people from being placed in labor or quarantine camps
• Prevent organ harvesting and covert medical treatments or experimentation
• Ban adding lithium and fluoride to water supplies
• Stop self-spreading pharmaceuticals that spreads disease or affects people who didn’t take it


The Fully Free and Informed Health Decisions Act of 2022 prevents coercion and deceit in health decisions. The act allows for free and informed health decisions only and does not allow health decisions that are made under coercion or are not fully free and informed.

This act gives each person the absolute right to refuse to get any tattoo, mark, symbol, mutilation or implant or any procedure. This act also prevents forced organ harvesting, as well as covert medical treatments or experimentation. This act gives every person right not to wear any device that restricts his or her vision, hearing, smell, taste, breathing or any other bodily sense. In addition this act prevents the removal of children for refusal or their parents to submit to a medical treatment.

This act also prevents discrimination, sanctions, psychiatric, treatment or confinement based on the exercise of the above rights.

This act also restores all vaccine exemptions children under 18 years old and college students.

This act also gives parents of newborns additional rights in order to make sure that no coercion or deceit is being applied to their baby’s birth.

In addition this act requires adventitious agents to be listed on pharmaceutical products, bans adding lithium and fluoride to water supplies and prevents people from being placed in forced labor camps, quarantine camps, quarantine facilities, quarantine hotels.

This act also prevents self-spreading pharmaceuticals, such as a vaccination or gene therapy that spreads disease, or a vaccination or gene therapy that changes or affects people who did not directly choose to get that procedure done.